Nik Portrait

Camera Long 45

I live in a little house in the seaside town of Broome with my beautiful wife, Emma, our son, Harry, and our cheeky little bearded dog, Campy (You may even see a photo or two of them on my website!) We love nothing more than packing our little family up for adventure, piling into our rusty old Navara, and hitting the road to camp all throughout the Kimberley. Most weekends, you’ll find me at the beach with my family or cooking a huge meal - but I will admit I enjoy the occasional lazy Sunday: staying in, listening to the blues and drinking endless amounts of coffee!

I discovered my love for photography during a trip through Eastern Europe at nineteen. Armed with only a cheap old Canon camera, I began taking portraits of the people I encountered, learning their stories and capturing them through my pictures. These experiences ignited a passion in me - and that passion led me to study Photojournalism at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne. Because I love to document life through my photography, I love shooting portraits and weddings. It is my primary concern to ensure that everyone I photograph feels comfortable and fully themselves: To achieve this, many of my shots are not staged. Instead, I let my sessions unfold in a natural, fun way, making the photos as close to life as possible.

Drop me a line if you are interested in chatting about a photography session