My partner hates having photos taken... can you work with them?

I love it when people ask this and the answer is a resounding YES. I specialise in drawing out natural emotion, and I have a few tricks for cracking those macho-men or shy-gals that hate posing for photos (it's very much a less-is-more approach).

Do you have back up gear?

I sure do. I photograph with multiple Fuji cameras and lenses, with back up memory cards in each camera. All your images are also backed up to several hard drives to keep them safe.

How many photos do I receive? Who chooses them?

The final image count will depend on the package you select - the general rule: the longer I shoot, the more photos you receive. I choose the images you receive and I don't limit the amount to any predetermined number - nor do I make you purchase more for an extra fee. You receive all the images from the day that turned out how I anticipated and all of those are edited to be their best.

Are you LGBT friendly?

100% Yes :)

How do I book you?

Email me or call me, i'd love to hear your story. If I'm available on your day and you're ready to book, I'll send you through my price guide with lots more info. Upon signing an agreement, you are required to pay the booking deposit of 25%, this will hold the date of your booking.

How do we get our images?

You will have access to your very own password protected online gallery where you can download all photos and share with your friends and family.

Can we get prints?

You sure can! You will have the option to print your images through your online gallery. Your images will be printed on high quality photo paper and delivered straight to your door.

When do we receive our images?

Currently it takes around two weeks for your album to be uploaded to a private gallery on my website. At that time you'll be able to download your images straight to your computer.

How much do you cost?

Good photography is an investment for life, it is something you can look back on in the years to come and still smile. Please contact me for a price list.

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Drop me a line if you are interested in chatting about a photography session